Our Vision:
39 North Downtown, a not-for-profit organization, will intentionally and passionately work with the elected officials, community and business leaders in the City of Sparks to see the City of Sparks be among the Top 10 Places in the U.S. to work, live and play.

Our Mission:
To connect business through common ground, there by strengthening the foundation for future economic growth that will result in a vibrant community for many years to come.

Our City: 
We are partnering with the City of Sparks, community leaders, residents and local businesses to enhance the vitality of the community by combining the energy of existing businesss and new businesses. Sparks, it’s happening here! It’s the place people want to be. It’s the new Sparks.

Our Goal:
Sparks is a Wonderful community that has built great family friendly special events. Our desire is to be a catalyst for change, a change that extends beyond business. Our goal is to connect local businesses and outside investors to make our vision a reality.

Our Community Teams: 
We have created community teams with passionate business owners and residents who want to make a difference.

  • Community Relations
  • Community connection
  • Public Art
  • Special Event Committee




The primary purpose of this website and the 39 North Downtown organization is to share our knowledge about Sparks NV Downtown Business and to promote increased growth for the area to bring it back to one of vitality and prosperity.




Be a part of it…walk with us to make a real difference in your life and community. 


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    One thought on “About”

    1. My name is Mary Flanigan I posted on FB and also emailed Angela but I’m in a time crunch. I am interested in integrating some of your ideas and thoughts into my paper. I appreciate your time. I have lived in Sparks since 1980. I lived in Bradley Square apartments till about 5, then Park Vista till about 13, then lived on Glen Vista near Reed High School from that time till I moved out and had a place of my own. I own a home now off Los Altos in Sparks but live with my boyfriend in Caughlin now just since June. The paper asks us to write 12 pages on a “Save The City” subject. It is a class concentrating on the development of cities through Great Basin College. My last class for my RN to BSN.

      Anyhow I chose Sparks because now that I spend more time in Reno and have many friends through work that live in Reno I see that sometimes it’s perceived in a negative way and I don’t like that. When I grew up here, there was Downtown Reno with 24 hours of buffets, gambling, drinking and smoking. Old Reno that had some nice houses and then there was a quaint community of Sparks, to me Reno and Sparks were essentially one. Reno had the downtown and Sparks was where everyone lived to be away from it. Obviously in the past 36 years it’s grown tremendously.

      I also share a daughter with Justin Mumm who owns Mummers, we grew up together spending middle and high school together and then dated for several years afterward and had Aspen. He tells me a lot from his perspective owning a business downtown Sparks, it’s pros and cons. Every Thanksgiving Eve we used to go to Great Basin and then bar hop afterward for the past 10 years though this year we changed locations because most of the people attending were closer to Reno and Sparks was never accommodating to the group even after we spent several years there as a tradition, they didn’t seem to care.

      My paper focuses on that downtown area though. I really like what Reno did with Midtown. I love going down there and taking people who are visiting down to midtown to eat, drink, hang out and shop. The shops are unique, the food is good and the coffee shops have character or their own.

      I think downtown Sparks could renovate and I really believe that because Sparks is growing so much with housing and apartments that there needs to be more for families down on Victorian Ave outside of just the family friendly events. Right now the strip is pretty bar heavy. It would be nice to see a reopening of unique shops, fun and hip eats, (tapas, indian food, pho), unique coffee hubs, paint and sip place, unique gift, toy or costume shop. I know it’s been hard to support these small business but I think as Sparks grows so does the support.

      I wonder about schools and what the plans are considering WC1 was passed? Will there be more charter schools?
      What are the transportation barriers, the small business barriers?
      What has the community voiced they want?
      Will the old theater be renovated? It seems less popular with the legends choice…

      Those are some of my questions. There is so much I don’t know and City planning is SO COMPLEX so I would like to get an insiders view!

      Thanks so very much!

      Mary Flanigan

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