Special Events Committee

Special Events Committee


This committee will be comprised of creative, fun loving, responsible and hands on volunteers wanting to be a part of community events. This committee will be under the direction of Angela Handler.

39 North has produced 2 new events that started in 2015 and we are confident that with a strong team of volunteers we can build upon these signature events. We need your help in any capacity you can offer and welcome enthusiastic volunteers!


Objectives: We will focus but not be limited to our 2 signature events. We want to maintain and create strong family friendly events that our community can be proud of. We may partner up with another producers if we feel the event creates positive growth or fills any need in our community. Giving back to other non-profits that help in our community is another reason we may participate in the production of another events.

We plan to build a team to help us grow at a manageable pace, spread the word of our events, build our sponsorship levels and create an efficient foundation for all our events.


Sub Committee Teams: You may join one or all of these sub committees. If you feel you have other abilities you’d like to utilize please let us know! All of the below apply to both Marketplace and North Pole Village.


Set up and tear down- The set up and tear down takes alot of hands and is where the most help is usually needed. There are many ways to help out in this area and not all aspects requires heavy lifting.


Sponsorship Team– Sponsorships are key to maintaining and creating these community events as we are a 501C3 funds are limited. The sponsorship team will develop plans for soliciting individual and corporate sponsors for our events.  Establish a list of all potential sponsor opportunities


Kidz Zone– This group will focus on activities in the kidz zone during our events. These areas are large and require a strong presence. We do wish to focus on hands on educational type of activities.


Merchandise Sales/Info Booth– As a way to connect with our guests and brand ourselves we sell merchandise at our info booths. This is a fun way to be involved and meet new people. We ask that you be engaging, friendly and informative when at our Merchandise/info booths. We not only have these booths at our own event but we also participate in Earth Day, Divas Day Out, Taste Of Home, Pub Crawls, 5K runs and other community events. This group would also look for deals on marketing materials and events we may want to have a booth presence.


Time and Commitment- We know time is valuable and so all we ask in the way of commitment is volunteer where and when you can. If you sign up for a certain day and time please make sure you follow through. Please communicate to your team leader and Angela Handler if duties can’t be met. Also the most important thing is to please HAVE FUN!! Enjoy your teammates and never forget you are a part of creating a community event so enjoy it and be proud!






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